350 sf

Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

October 2016


The apartment appeared Japanese not much in its way of decor but in its way of space planning. The original 2 bedroom apartment is broken free into 1 flexible studio space.

By  repartitioning  the  apartment,  an  Engawa  ( an in-between space between indoor and outdoor in traditional japanese architecture )  is  created,  maximizing  light penetration  into  the  interior  while  doubling  as  circulation  space.

As the apartment has a tight space budget, storage space has to be carefully arranged. Plenum space above restroom is indented with shelves from outside; Bed space is on a raised platform to create storage underneath.

To avoid visual clusters in a petite space, appliances are hidden behind white oak built­in closets and shelves. By creating a cleaner visual appearance, space is maximized on a mental level as well.

The opening above the working desk is fitted with a retractable curtain in order to provide privacy when needed (ex. Partner’s late night working session).